My conscious soap - Energy therapy Sun

Try the most powerful energetic soap on planet Earth.

A new very special product has been born in 2021. I am happy to announce the energetic conscious soap, that helps you to gain a new perspective of being with your body. It is energetically filled with pure energy, sun, love, peace and high vibrations and programmed to raise your energy levels and hype you up.

Give yourself the chance to experience pure high vibrations. First from within and then from the outside. Allow the energetic therapy soap My conscious soap to give you the maximize pure energy you are asking for. The sweet smell of orange and pelargonium will boost your energy vibrations.

Our soaps are made of all natural ingredients, are cruelty free and vegan. They are energetically filled with love and positive energy, that transfers into your body and life after using them. Whether you're more of a peace, sun or connection with the earth kind of person, there is sure one soap for you. Dare to give them a try?

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Soap yourself with energy! My conscious soap.


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