I immediately tried the soap. I washed my entire body and my hair. I have never washed my hair with soap. In the end, I didn’t put on my mask because I wanted to see the result. What can I say..I'm surprised. I was able to comb my hair, which I can’t do otherwise if I don’t put on a mask. Even the balm is not strong enough. My hair is soft now, I feel it quite differently than usual. The skin does not tighten. I have a dry skin during winter and I usually need a cream. I didn't use it now. It's great, really . And it washes off right away. I'm really pleased you know. Thanks <3. I will report if there will be any change on the skin or hair.


Preparing for one of the first good gentleman, thank you Maša Plaznik and Žarek Sreče for a better day and for this super soap that actually works! I’m already in gorgeous, sexy Christmas stockings on a deer pattern, waiting for what this one will bring tomorrow.

Emilija Kastelic

The soap is great. Given that I have various allergies and not every shampoo is for me. At first I only tried it on my hands. And it was great. The other day I did an experiment on my feet, no allergic reaction. Great. Now, I use it every day. Plus, I used to have very dry and dehydrated skin. Now I don't. And after that I am full of energy. Thank you Maša for this wonderful gift


It really is a wonderful soap <3PEACE <3, my body just adores it. Thank you Maša for giving me that soap!

Gaja Podgornik

Hey ... the soap is wonderful ... it didn't want to foam in my hands so I actually applied it over my body ... and then i had this awareness that my body wants to be touched <3 Applying it on the skin is better because then the skin is actually smoother and moisturized. When I wiped myself, I had a feeling I couldn’t wipe dry. Really, thanks for this gift ... I can’t wait to try another one.


Maša. I'm telling you, this is the first time I've used your canned soap today and it's fantastic. It's really different, it also washes differently or disappears from the body as if it were absorbed. I feel light as a feather. THANK YOU for a wonderful gift. Have a nice evening <3


I bought my conscious soap »connection with the earth«. I have to really praise. It really gives one a special feeling of peace and makes the skin very beautiful.


Nice <3<3. The feeling is top! Thanks to you.

Milijana Nebesni

Super, the soap is good

Amar Babic

I warmly recommend the soap. In addition to being extremely pleasant on the skin, its texture really surrounds you with a special energy. It has a pleasant gentle scent, it does not dry out the skin like some other hard soaps. Suitable for everyone. At least at home we all tried it, including the son

Sabina Ličen

Here you can write about your experience with your "my conscious soap" soap.


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