How it works and how I use My conscious soap

First there was energy, then there was thought, and only then there was action or word.

Whatever we live, are, do and choose actually always has an origin in the background in a certain energy that has risen and materialized. Every thought that we produce is therefore some form of matter, that has some form of energy which was created.

We carry on us and on our bodies a huge number of records in the form of various thoughts, emotions, feelings, traumas, pains, thinking programs, reactions, judgments, conclusions, stories... and our bodies are overloaded with all these records. This is all garbage that we accumulate on ourselves and that creates blockages and problems in our body and in our psyche. Although all this is not visible with the eyes, it is energetically perceived and many times it can happen that we have a feeling on the body, as if there is a weight somewhere in the body, we feel pressure on the body, a specific part of the body hurts us, we have different problems in the body and we can have also health, diseases and chronic problems.

Here we usually don't find a physical source for the condition and everywhere we go, we do different kind of medical examinations of the inside of the body... nothing will be seen and everyone will tell us that we have no problem. This happens as a result of this accumulated energy, which creates a blockage or stoppage of the energy flows that are a constant in our body and allow energy support for the optimal functioning of the body.

With My conscious soap energy therapies, which are stored in our natural, vegan, handmade soaps, Maša Plaznik allows you to have your own energy therapy at home. You simply pick up your My conscious soap energy soap and soap yourself with energy. You can choose one of the soaps from our line My conscious soap Sun, Peace or Connection with the Earth.

Every time you soap yourself with energy, you receive the My conscious soap energy therapy that you have chosen. In this way, you activate a process in your body where the body begins to relax. All these accumulated thoughts, emotions, feelings, problems, pains, worries, diseases, blockages and stagnation of energy are automatically removed every time you soap yourself with our energy soaps.

Choose something more for yourself and allow yourself to have energy therapy available every day at your home, at your fingertips. You can use it for the whole body, face, intimate parts of the body and also for your hair. The soaps are all natural, made from natural ingredients that are kind to the skin and our body.

In addition to the soap, we recommend that you also buy a bamboo energy pad, which will allow the soap to breathe and dry immediately after each use. This way, the soap will keep its shape, texture and your energy therapy will be available for a longer time.

You can use one My conscious soap for up to a month, depending on how many times you use it, how many family members use it and how you store it.

What if you can buy all three energy soaps? The sun, peace and connection to the Earth. And thus enable yourself to have at your disposal exactly the energy therapy you need for better well-being and an easy day. Receive different vibrations. Receive different energies.


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