Who wants more positivity, lightness and laughter in their life?

Maša Plaznik from Žarek sreček (Ray of Happiness) is a very special person with pure and positive energy, who energetically works on herself every day and looks for ways to improve herself and the people who choose her for their own energy consultant. When you are in the same room with her, you can feel her radiating positivity and love. She shares her knowledge, skills and experience with us in the form of various energy workshops, programs or energy therapies (they can be individual or group).

In 2021, she also embarked on the path of energy-informed natural soaps, My conscious soap, which are intended to raise our vital energy, change our vibrations to something better, relax us, calm us down, ground us and create a feeling of abundance and lightness in our bodies.

Maša is a certified practitioner of energy therapies My conscious soap, Joy of Oneness, Magical experience, Infinity, Access Bars facilitator, Access Energy facelift facilitator, Access body processes facilitator, Thetahealing practitioner and Usui reiki practitioner. She has been teaching us his knowledge for a decade, helping us to transform into the best version of ourselves. Žarek sreče (Ray of Happiness) has been around since 2014.

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