If I can't see, how do I know it's working?

Do you see, hear and feel the air you breathe? No, of course not. But this does not mean that there is no air in the room. Air is still very much present and it does matter what its quality is.

When we are in a room where the air is cleaner, we feel much better than in a room where the air is stagnant. When we breathe bad air for a long time, which possibly also contains some toxins, our body begins to react with fatigue, malaise and illness. We’re getting nervous, restless, in a bad mood, and we don’t know exactly why, but we want somewhere else.

This is how it happens to us in all areas of our lives. We live in a world full of all sorts of different things that we don’t see, hear or feel. The latter, however, greatly affects our lives and the well-being in our body.

Feeling is a lower harmonic value of perception

People like to relate to their emotions and feelings, because these are tangible things for us. Feeling something is the lower harmonic value of perceiving the environment and oneself. If we do not feel, feel, see or smell something, we think that nothing has happened.

When someone wants to be caring for us, he will usually caress us with his hand somewhere on the body and want to let us know that he cares about us. Because we will feel it on our body, we will automatically define it as ... "Yeah, this person cares about me because she just caressed me." We will give value to our feelings and not to our awareness of what we know about what that person has just chosen about us.

What if this person who just patted us on the shoulder doesn’t really have good intentions with us? What if a certain person abuses their position and caresses us in order to gain something from us? How many times are we naive and indulging in feeling and thinking that’s what counts?

What kind of life could we live if we allowed ourselves to rise above the world of feeling and ascend to the world of consciousness?

So what am I aware of?

People are aware of everything, but we live our lives by pretending to think we don’t know what we know. It’s hard to explain this to someone who doesn’t want to hear it. I will try to write this as easily as possible.

Mostly people in us know when we are really happy, we know when someone really cares about us and we know what we really want. However, we think to ourselves that what we know is not enough and we are looking for some physical confirmation in feeling with the body. If we allow ourselves to choose that we can only indulge in our own behavior, that e.g. some experience, person, therapy, subject, etc .. can change lives, we would choose that.

Instead, we look for some signs, some feeling, and confirmation in the physical world. Has it ever occurred to you that you knew in yourself that something was going to show up in a certain way, and you did it differently despite your behavior? And later you were angry with yourself for choosing that way, despite your behavior?

What if we can start choosing differently now? What if the time has come for us to start trusting ourselves and our behavior? We indulge and live according to our consciousness, even if we have no obvious signs and even if things are not updated in a specific way.

If i dont feel it, then it's nothing

Throughout life, people (some more often than others) choose certain changes for themselves. These include e.g. change of job, place of residence, partner, way of dressing, company, place of vacation, way of behaving, way of thinking, views on oneself ... etc.We choose to change something in ourselves and wait to feel that change and that a whole revolution will happen now.

When people don’t feel what we thought they should feel, we often come to the conclusion that we haven’t changed anything about ourselves and so go back to old patterns. In old choices and we don’t acknowledge our own power and the awareness we have.

In the end, people think that it doesn't make sense to work on themselves or invest money in a workshop, with thoughts ... "Ah, since I won't feel anything, I'd rather buy some material object, because at least I will feel there". After all, there is nothing wrong with buying an item that we like. What I want to bring to the surface is that we pay too much attention to feeling and too little to our behavior and awareness.

Higher vibrations and awareness

The time has come when the world is changing so very fast and with it the vibrations of all of us who live on it are changing.

More and more people perceive something, are aware of something and do not dare to admit it to themselves, let alone to others. Many people think that if I admit it and share it with other people, they will think I'm weird. That's why it's better to be quiet and live like everyone else. ” By choosing this, however, we are actually living in a denial of ourselves and all that we are aware of.

How nice could we live if we allowed ourselves to relax in our awareness, to follow what we know, and to choose only what vibrates with us?
Now the time has come for us to start having fun with our limitations in such a way that we become aware of them and choose something different. To allow ourselves to choose new glorious ways to create more joy and lightness in life.

Energy therapies for personal growth

Have you ever been to energy therapy and unlike any acquaintance, you did not see, hear or feel anything? Did you perhaps notice after a while that your life was starting to change for the better, even though you didn’t feel anything?

This is more common than we imagine. It is true that there are more and more people on our planet Earth who perceive energies and allow themselves to be aware of what they perceive and are aware of. In addition, there are many people who have not yet reached this stage and still like to get stuck in feeling. There is nothing wrong with not feeling something. And there is nothing right about not perceiving something and not feeling it. We are simply different and special to each other.

When you feel within yourself or are aware that you would like to move out of your current position and would like to come to energy therapy, it is obviously time to choose that as well.

Follow your awareness of what you know and choose the person where you really know in yourself that he can give you what you are asking for at that moment.

In Slovenia and also in the world, there is a really large and varied selection of various energy therapies. Not all energy therapies are appropriate at all times. So be present when choosing who you will trust to take you to the world of energies.


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