Taking charge of your own energy

How about healing? When was the last time you took charge of your own energy?

Day in and day out, we are faced with negativity, toxicity and just unwanted bad energy of others. When you lose or loosen the connection to yourself and your own energy, you are more open for the negativity to enter your life. Imagine it as hair sticking to your lipgloss or dirt sticking to glue. It’s hard to get rid of the residue.

On days when you feel off, the negative energy takes advantage of you. Your guards are down, you react differently, you tend to feel more tired and irritable. You are not living the best version of your life.

Taking time out of our days to reconnect to ourselves and the Earths energy is one of the most important things to live the best, highest vibrating version of our life.

By practicing mindfulness, yoga and meditation we are heading in the right direction, by using our energetically filled therapy soap Connection with the Earth, you empower your daily practices and add to the benefits.

How can I start, you ask?

Well the simple answer is, by taking charge of your life and your energy.

And how do I do that?
By putting action where your mouth is. By taking care of yourself, your energy. By putting yourself first, everything else can wait.
I know, it sounds easier than it is. But, that’s how life works.
Stress and burning out are a real thing. They are silent killers, that make us loose our spark, our energy. They make us loose connection to ourselves and the world around us. Sometimes it's due to our work, environment, the world around us or people draining our energy (energetic vampires).
So today, lets take charge of our lives, of our energy. No more letting things disrupt the natural path of our life and lowering our vibrations.
Today when you go to take a shower, grab your soap and wash away the negativity and bad energy that has stuck to you. Our soap Connection with the Earth is designed to heal and raise your energy and vibrations. Use it daily and whenever you feel the symptoms described above, to pick up your energy.

Dare to connect.

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Soap yourself with my conscious soap.

Yours truly, Maša


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