Are you one of those people that get overwhelmed easily? Irritable? Overworked and tired? Feeling like you’re burning out like a candle?

It sounds to me, like you need some you time.

You know, how they market it in movies as self-care:

– a candle lit bathroom

– Jazz or Blues tunes playing

– a warm shower or a bath

– peace soap by My conscious soap – your new energetic therapy soap

– pouring yourself a glass of wine (or tea if you don’t drink alcohol)

– relaxing after a hard day

Now tell me, that doesn’t sound like a slice of heaven?

A peace break if you will. Some much needed you time? And now tell me, how often do you make time to do that? To relax, do a little self care, have a peaceful day or evening.

If you’re anything like me, it doesn’t happen as much as it should. And that’s ok. It’s normal. You have a job, a family, friends, hobbies that take the majority of your time. It just means, that when you do take the time for yourself, you need to increase the effects of it. To just forget about everything else and be still in the moment. Surrounded by peace.

What I like to do is, I grab my Peace soap and call it a day, since it’s made to increase the relaxation and peacefulness. I use it everytime I take a shower or bath and this way I relax each day.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you just stop practicing relaxation and peacefulness, it just means that when you’re in a hurry, therapy soap is the way to go.

Still, make time for yourself, because a burned out, stressed version of you, is not the real you. You deserve to live the higher vibrating, conscious life that you were designed for.

Prioritize your relaxation and your peace of mind over everything else, and build from there.

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Soap yourself with my conscious soap.

Yours truly, Maša.


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