Energetic therapy for 10.000€. Would you like to know more?

Have you ever thought that energy therapy can be in the form of something that materializes in an object and you can use it whenever you want?
What if you can afford energy therapy every day and you don’t have to go to someone who does it for you? What if you can get energy therapy at home at any time?
With the energy therapeutic soaps My conscious soap, Maša Plaznik realized just that. She channeled the energy she materialized into these beautiful energy soaps. And now the Sun, Peace and Connection with the Earth energy therapies are available to all of you. Actualized and materialized in the form of energy soaps My conscious soap, which you can buy in our online shop or in person at Žarek Sreče.

One energy therapeutic soap My conscious soap, allows you energy therapies throughout the month.

To bring you even closer to the value of My conscious soap energy therapeutic soaps, read this.
Imagine not having enough money to buy a car. When you need transportation, you have to call a taxi, wait for the taxi to arrive and then pay for the service. If you have the money to buy a car, you can use it and drive wherever you want. No waiting or spending money and time on transportation.
Now look at how it is with our energy therapy, which is carefully stored in the soap My conscious soap.
Soap energy therapy is a very affordable choice. You don't actually buy soap. You buy a service that you can use whenever you want. You can receive energy therapy every day, you can occasionally. You can receive it throughout the month, just about every day.
When was the last time you received an energy therapy? When was the last time you even took the time to sign for an energy therapy somewhere? How much money did you spend on it? What was the effect?

The abundance provided by the energy therapeutic soap My conscious soap is worth more than € 10,000

Imagine the awareness and feeling of abundance that you can live every day when you start using My conscious soap soaps and receive the energy therapy. Wooow ... there are no words to describe everything that can open up to you in life when you start receiving.
Now let’s look at the reality of this moment. A good energy therapy costs at least € 200. You have to take time for therapy, book an appointment, pay a lot of money and wait for that day and hope that something doesn't happen, that in the end you won't be able to go. Well, in case everything works out well, you get 1 therapy.

What if you would invest that money in our energy therapy soap and receive a therapy every day of the month? And you don’t have to go anywhere, or wait for anyone.

This is actually the energy of abundance. Where you receive a whole month of energy therapy stored in soap, for which you would otherwise pay more than € 10,000. So, to receive therapies equally throughout the month, you would have to pay more than € 10,000. You will receive all this in our energy therapeutic soap My conscious soap, for the price of 40€. If you want, you can buy two or three soaps. What is then possible for you?

My conscious soap has three different energy therapies stored in soaps

What if you can buy all three energy therapy soaps? Sun, peace and Earth. So an investment of just over € 100 gives you the equivalent of around € 30,000 in energy therapies, where you receive abundance, pure infinite energy, new awareness, relax, connection with yourself, calmness, happiness, ease, expansion and you activate a lot of new possibilities for an even more beautiful and easier life. So you invest only € 40 and receive up to € 10,000 equivalent in energy therapies. How does it get even better than that?

My conscious soap supports everything else you choose in your life

Energy therapies stored in My conscious soap soaps can be a great contribution to your life. When used on the body, everything else you choose and do also begins to potentiate. What does that mean? This energy soap potentiates and above all else what you choose for yourself, so if for example you meditate, your meditations will be much more intense and relaxing. The more you learn, the easier it will be for you to learn. If you start a new project, it will materialize faster. If you attend personal growth workshops, it will start to take effect in your life quicker. If you occasionally go to some energy therapy with some therapist, My conscious soap will support that as well. And your therapist will notice that things are going faster than they have so far. It is easy to explain. Everyday activities will also make you happier. Like you read a book, you are happy, full of energy and awareness. You wash yourself with My Conscious Energy Soap and you start to realize that it will give you so much more. New awareness opens up, new spaces and the feeling at the same time is uniquely fantastic.

My conscious soap in every home

What if you could have the energy of abundance available at home every day?
In your hands you hold your energy therapeutic soap My conscious soap, which is worth 10,000€, and you only pay 40€ for it. And how much of everything will open up to you only when you start using it on your body?
More about My conscious soap energy therapies stored in soaps can be found on the website: http://myconscioussoap.com/


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