My conscious soap is designed and lovingly created for every body and everywhere.

You can use our energetic soaps on any part of the body. You can wash your face, hands, body and even your intimate parts. If you like, you can wash your hair too. Due to the natural ingredients and oils used in the manufacture, the soap is very gentle and caring for the body.

Try real pleasure and joy. The sensation and the feelings in your body will change after you use any of our My conscious soaps. People love them. Try it. You will be impressed.

Connection with earth Connection with earth
Peace Peace


Sun Sun




We use only natural ingredients and the best oils, butters and essential oils for our magic and relaxing energetic soaps.

All soaps are unique, hand made in and made in small batches. The look of one soap is never exactly the same as the others. As a result, they may stand out slightly in color, shape and smoothness on the surface. This does not affect their property.

Soaps are made from 100% natural ingredients of plant origin, vegan and cruelty free. We don’t test on animals.

Due to the ingredients and their beneficial effects, they are suitable for all skin types.

Deviations in color, shape and weight (± 10%) may occur.

This energetic soaps are filled with energy, with information that gives your body and You the joy, the pleasure, the awareness of living beyond this cruel reality. To enjoy living in your body. This soap is so gentle for your skin and for your body. It is so subtle that can rise the awareness of your body and of what you would like to be with your body.

Every time you soap yourself with the energetic soap My conscious soap you get the energetic therapy of your life! You can achieve everything you desire with your body, when you use My conscious soap.

Your body will give you the total freedom, awareness, joy, happiness. With this conscious soap your body will achieve everything that it wants and you never gave it to him.

When you use my conscious soap soaps you can achieve everything you want with your body. Your body will receive the gift of living and the gift of receiving joy, calmness, happiness and connection with the body, being and the universe.

Your body will become the smooth, soft, elegant energy, that will give you all you need during the day and night.

My conscious soap soaps are designed to help your body to be calm and powerful. They create an important presence in the body and in everyday situations.

Use My conscious soap energetic soaps and be the greatness your body actually is


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